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Connecting with colleagues - for staff and leaders.

We enhance human connection by challenging emotions. 

No death by powerpoint with us!

Workshops can be 90 mins to a full day.  Adapted to your industry. 

To obtain a quote, please submit a WORKSHOP ENQUIRY.

If you are seeking to improve your workplace mental health culture, we offer a unique, cost-effective, adaptable workshop experience positioning you at the cutting edge of mental health prevention and intervention.   

Why bother?

  • “Employees of leaders who lack empathy feel less involved, appreciated and rewarded and view the organisation in a negative way. 

  • … also alienate devoted employees and jeopardise the wellbeing culture of an organisation”

  • 82% of employees would leave their job for a more empathetic employer

Workshops are adapted to your industry, run between 90 mins and one day and cover:

  1. An experiential learning activity.

  2. Empathy fundamentals

  3. Empathetic communication skills

  4. Watch your language - being aware of bias and judgment.

  5. Self-care strategies.

By the end of the course you will learn how:

  1. To recognise the importance of empathy in fuelling connection with their colleagues, clients and families thereby reducing the stigma of mental illness.

  2. To develop personal insight into their own need to be heard and for human connection.

  3. To gain a greater understanding of the issues faced by those struggling with their mental health.

  4. Develop simple and memorable empathic communication techniques.

  5. To learn to listen with kindness, love and compassion.

  6. To be a safe space for open communication and connection.

  7. To understand the importance of empathy for self and self-care.


To obtain a quote, please submit a WORKSHOP ENQUIRY.


lose your mind. Find your heart.

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