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The Lose Your Mind Advanced Virtual Reality Project by Empathy First offers innovative experiential learning training packages to enhance the mental health culture of and organisations. Feeling heard and understood is a fundamental human need and research has shown that leaders and staff with high levels of empathy have greater staff mental health, improved business performance and better client / patient / student outcomes.


We  recognise the importance of experiential learning in the development of advanced mental health empathy and we use experiences such as Virtual Reality simulations to engage participants personally and emotionally as well as providing practical tools for enhanced communication.


To seek help, someone experiencing mental ill-health needs to talk and to talk they need to feel safe to share their truth. By equipping  schools, workplaces and communities with greater empathy, understanding and compassion, we create safe spaces for open communication and connection.

Lose Your Mind workshops run for between half a day and a full day and are facilitated by a qualified mental health professional.  Participants must agree to health and safety protocols and waivers and complete pre and post evaluation surveys.  Price on application.

lose your mind. Find your heart.

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