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Connecting with clients

(& patients, students) for frontline staff

Did you know that Empathy improves both Client Outcomes and Business Performance? (Derksen et al., 2018; Ogle et al., 2013).


GP's, receptionists, teachers, police, hairdressers, personal trainers, customer service staff, detention workers, nurses, guidance officers, youth workers, social workers

- this course is for you!!!

Do you work or interact with people who may be at risk of suffering, or currently suffering a severe mental illness?

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Designed by Dr Jennifer Wilson, the LOSE YOUR MIND mental health literacy fundamentals workshop or CONNECT WITH CLIENTS is designed for anyone who would benefit from an emotionally engaging discussion about mental illness and practical strategies for communication and early intervention. 


CONNECT WITH CLIENTS workshops are adapted to your industry, run between 90 mins and one day and cover:

  • What is it like to have a mental illness?

  • Experiential Learning activities.

  • What may cause mental illness.

  • How to lovingly listen to and talk to someone who might be showing signs of mental illness - either acutely or chronically.

  • Watch your language - being aware of bias and judgment.

  • Self-care strategies.

Adapted for an organisation or industry, workshops can be facilitated with all frontline service professions.  For workplaces seeking to improve their mental health culture, LOSE YOUR MIND offers a unique, cost-effective, easily accessible educational tool positioning them at the cutting edge of mental health prevention and intervention. It is expected that businesses and organisations who engage workshops will experience a two-fold impact on service: a reduction in costs associated with mental ill health as well as enhanced customer relationships and trust.

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F A W M Derksen, Tim Olde Hartman, Jozien Bensing, Antoine Lagro-Janssen, Empathy in general practice—the gap between wishes and reality: comparing the views of patients and physicians, Family Practice, Volume 35, Issue 2, April 2018, Pages 203–208,

Ogle J1, Bushnell JA, Caputi P. (2013).  Empathy is related to clinical competence in medical care.  Med Educ. 2013 Aug;47(8):824-31. doi: 10.1111/medu.12232.


By the end of the day you will learn how:

  1. To recognise the importance of empathy in fuelling connection with their colleagues, clients and families thereby reducing the stigma of mental illness.

  2. To develop personal insight into their own need to be heard and for human connection.

  3. To gain a greater understanding of the issues faced by those struggling with their mental health.

  4. To learn to listen with kindness, love and compassion.

  5. To be a safe space for open communication and connection.

  6. To understand the importance of empathy for self and self-care.

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lose your mind. Find your heart.

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