Exploring Empathy in Industry

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Listening at the Orange door Podcast explores empathy in industry.
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What an absolute privilege it was to discuss empathy in the arts with Will.  He shares his experience of joy and sadness in his stellar career.

with Will Centurion

Empathy in the Arts

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Wow.  There is so much to explore when it comes to empathy in policing.  Not only with the public but also among the police themselves.  Fascinating.

with Senior Sergeant Kelly McAuliffe

Empathy in Policing

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I honestly had never put empathy and engineering in the same sentence but join Katie and me as we discuss why it is a vital component to success.

with Katie Fletcher

Empathy in Engineering

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Discover the three most important ways to be an effective and inspiring leader.  I'll give you a hint... according to Mark, empathy is one of them....

with Mark J Bray

Empathy in Leadership

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Join us as we discuss all things empathy and explore LOSE YOUR MIND, its journey so far and the amazing trip to Iowa in May 2019.

with Ky.Lives


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